About Emma Conway, Founder

“I genuinely love my job!”

I like to be creative and resourceful and to quote one of my clients I am “insanely persistent and energetic without being annoying!”. Hopefully he wasn’t just being kind with the latter! My focus is the client and candidate journey. I build strong relationships and help clients reach their short and long term recruitment goals.

Unfortunately recruiters tend to have a bad reputation. What I pride myself on is doing things my own way… I do this with passionempathyintegrity and above all else dedication to what I do and love.

During my school and University years the plan was always to become a psychologist. I thrive when building relationships with people and have an innate ability to understand someone’s personality in a very short amount of time. I relish in making a difference in someone's life and coming up with practical solutions to make their lives easier.

Recruitment is historically seen by most as a tedious task, I like to flip this theory and turn it into an enjoyable one. I achieve this with a touch of humour (depending on the client/candidate!) and personality.

In my personal life, I am mum to two young kids, 3 cats and our recent lockdown puppy Teddy-Mae. As a mum I teach my children to always think about others, have creative thinking, and above all to always be honest. It sounds cheesy I know but it’s factual, this is my work and personal mantra.

Emma Conway

Emma Conway, Founder
Emma Conway

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Why use dicanium?

As a client:
  • I will make the process as easy and as enjoyable as possible for you
  • I will send you a shortlist of videos and CVs which have been filtered using my extensive recruitment knowledge and expertise
  • I will not be satisfied until you are happy you have found your perfect match for the role
As a candidate:
  • I will get to know you - what you want, and what you don’t want from your next role
  • I will listen, support, and coach you (if needed) to help you find your perfect role
  • I have a knack of proof reading CVs and will be able to assist you with presenting yourself in the best way to the clients

For more information speak to Emma on 07984 646 952

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